Five-year-old gives all her birthday presents to kids with cancer

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Little girl with cancer gives her birthday gifts to cancer patients at Texas Children's Hospital

Five-year-old Makayla Buckingham had a big birthday and received lots of gifts.

"Speedy the Clown, Honeydew the Clown, we had a big birthday party at the park," said Gretchen Buckingham, Makayla's mom.

But instead of keeping her presents, Makayla wanted to give them away.

"They already have tons of toys," said Buckingham.

Makayla gave her gifts to kids with cancer at Texas Children's Hospital.

"It's nice that she wanted to bring other people gifts for her birthday because most people don't do that," said 13-year-old patient, Mackenzie McDonald.

Makayla knows her way around the 14th floor of the Texas Children's Hospital. She's been visiting since November, that's because she too, has cancer.

"She has a lot of anxiety about some of the procedures," said Buckingham.

This year when Makayla's mom asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said she wanted to have a party where her friends brought gifts, that she could then give to the other sick children.

"Her biggest thing, and she'll tell you, when you get a shot it's tough and you're crying and you're sad and then, you know, I want to go give them something that's going to make them smile and make them happy," said Buckingham.

Buckingham is a single mom and has had to take a leave from work. It's made it difficult for her family financially, but others have come forward to help them. She said it's their acts of kindness that have taught Makalya the gift of giving.

"She learned it from everyone giving to her. She has a really big heart," said Buckingham.

Makayla's family has a Go Fund Me page to help with expense.

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