How to minimize under eye bags and puffiness

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Patricia Lopez talks to an expert about how to minimize eye puffiness and under eye bags (KTRK)

Do you wake up with tired, puffy eyes? You are not alone, dermatologists says it's one of the biggest complaints from their patients. It happens to both men and women and experts says it can be caused by several factors.

But in a pinch you can try to reduce the puffiness with some easy and cheap items you probably already have at home. Rachel Gower with The Upper Hand salon says simply use a chilled spoon and gently tap under the eye area and work the area for a couple of minutes.

Another effective way to soothe the area under the eye is to create an ice pack using a balloon. Gower says just take a small balloon, pour water into it and freeze it. Once it is frozen, gently roll it over the eye area for up to 15 minutes. Gower says the contour makes it easy to maneuver underneath your eye.

Another thing you can try tea-ice cubes. Brew your own tea and pour that into an ice cube tray. Once they freeze you can pop an ice cube roll it underneath your eye until it melts.

Two other things that will help quickly, cucumbers also offer immediate relief. Use under each eye for 15 minutes each. Also chilled potato slices will give you similar results.
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