Future of murdered man's dog still in limbo, in need of home

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A loyal dog who's been waiting for his murdered owner to come home for two weeks now is still without a home, and a rescue group is trying to find him the perfect home.

It was a sad story, and we thought it would have a happy ending: The brother of the dog owner who was killed said he would take in his murdered brother's German shepherd, but he's had a change of heart. That poor dog, now named Max, still doesn't have a permanent home.

You don't need words to express grief. When you're a dog, the only way to express it is to show it.

"I can only imagine what he would be going through," said Muranda Perez, who's fostering Max.

"We've seen dogs grieve but we've never seen this type of loyalty before," said Katie Brosseau with Bluebelle Rescue.

We first introduced you to the shepherd pup several days ago. We didn't know much about him.

"We don't know the name completely," Perez said.

But we knew his heartbreaking story. For weeks, Max was seen wondering around this apartment complex and stood at his front door everyday, waiting for his owner to come home.

"Kind of got the feeling like he was there to protect his owner and just keep them away from danger. Almost like a service animal," Perez said.

But he couldn't protect his owner from two armed men who stormed in to the convenience store where Hatem Abu Harbid worked. He was murdered.

Back home, no one was there to comfort Max. He was orphaned.

Muranda Perez, a complete stranger, was the only one who earned his trust.

"The first night he slept as far away from me as possible, in the smallest room that he could find," Perez said.

Max is now coming around slowly.

"Sad story, happy ending -- well we know that's not the case. The brother is just not in the place to take the animal," Perez said.

Bluebelle Rescue has now stepped in to find Max a permanent home. The group is taking adoption applications online.

"It really just takes a very special adopter that's patient, and that's willing to work with him and know that he has limitations, and that he's not going to be the outgoing dog that all of the dogs are," Brosseau said.

But there's one thing he will be: loyal.

According to a veterinarian who examined Max, he has no heart worms or other diseases. Max will receive obedience training from City Canine free of charge.

Anyone interested in adopting Max can apply on Bluebelle Rescue's website. Idea candidates can be single or married without children. Having another pet may be plus.

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