Ex-HISD teacher featured in controversial talk show writing her next chapter

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Ex-HISD teacher Angela Box's strong opinions on an Internet show forced her out of her classroom, but now she says that was exactly the nudge she needed.

It's a quiet moment for Angela Box. But she is as loud, opinionated and unapologetic as she has always been.

"You will not shut me up," said Box. "I'm not going to be your 'Suzy Sunshine' if I don't agree with you."

Box may be best remembered for her controversial appearances on the internet show, Tommy's Garage. Her strong anti-liberal opinions created a firestorm for the then third grade teacher at Daily Elementary School in the Houston Independent School District. She went up against Quanell X and was accused of using racist language. Box eventually resigned because of the attention.

"Do you miss teaching?"

"I miss my children."

Box says she never voiced her opinions about politics inside the classroom and never used a racial slur. She now sees that hard time as the nudge she needed.

"My anxiety level was through the roof," said Box. "Sometimes you have to be shaken out of your complacency.

Box says she was always interested in politics, even as a young girl growing up in Oklahoma. She says she was also polarizing back then.

"My whole life people have either loved me or they've hated me and that really has not changed. I don't expect that to change," said Box.

Today she works for a conservative political consulting firm and writes a blog called Angela's Soap Box. She still makes appearances on Tommy's Garage. Sometimes she's still accused of using hate speech.

"I don't think that speaking the truth about what's going on in the country, or being vocal about it, or being aggressive about it is hate speech," said Box.

Of the Republican candidates running for president, Ted Cruz is her pick. However, she admits to departing from the GOP on some social issues

"I believe gay people should be able to live their lives," said Box.

For now, she's just trying to carve out a niche while not taking herself too seriously.

"I'm just a woman expressing my views," said Box.

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