Debate preparations the talk of University of Houston students, staff

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University of Houston students talk about the impact of the debate on their daily routine. Courtney Fischer reports. (KTRK)

Many University of Houston students trying to get to class Thursday morning had to take a different route. School security and HPD officers blocked off several roads and academic buildings. Parking lots were also closed.

"It's a little more difficult to get to where we need to go," said Jason Atkins, a Ph.D. student. "There are a lot of frustrated people. (But) I think this opportunity outweighs the inconveniences for the day."

Many students said although the university sent emails about road closures, they weren't aware of how much of the campus would be impacted.

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Tom Abrahams takes a look ahead to tonight's big debate at the University of Houston

"It's great to have something of this magnitude at the school but on the other hand the route to my building is completely blocked," said one student on the way to class.

Whether it be annoyed or excited, it's clear the debate is what everyone is talking about -- staff and students.

"I think it's great exposure for the university," said Brandon Rottinghause, Political Science professor at the university. "They've been trying to make strides both in the state, but also nationally and this is a great opportunity for them to showcase the great things happening at U of H."

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