Raising Triplets: League City family with rare identical triplets

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Raising Triplets: League City family with rare identical triplets (KTRK)

A League City family is adjusting to their "new normal" as parents of triplets, if you can call anything about parenting triplets, "normal." And the Harris family has an extra challenge, their triplets are identical girls.

Savannah, Kinsley and Addison are nearly three months old now and their parents, Brad and Stephanie, admit they have to look at them closely to identify one girl from the other.

"It's hard, but I do it and I wouldn't have it any other way," said Stephanie Harris.

The girls spent five weeks in neonatal intensive care, born weighing just 3 pounds each, arriving 10 weeks early. Stephanie said now they have their own language, which sounds like a goat, and they're growing strong.

"We were hours away from losing them. They had to put me upside down and there was a time when they almost were gone. Twice, when I was at 21 weeks. We just kept hoping for one more day. We just look back at those times, and we're just thankful they're healthy," said Harris.

(Rare identical triplets leave Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital)
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A rare set of triplets went home yesterday after nearly a month in the hospital.

There is so much work in caring for triplets. They have to be fed every three hours around the clock. Stephanie breast feeds and supplements with formula, but it still means preparing approximately 24-30 bottles a day. She also has to deal with about 24 diaper changes a day.

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Cost of raising triplets

Dad still works full time,but mom gave up her medical career to take care of the children. Both get by on about 4 hours of sleep a night. However, the Harris' said the key is the help they get from their family, including the triplets' grandparents who take daily shifts.

With so much work to be done cleaning bottles, clothes, diapers, and the house, having triplets can sometime turn into a conveyor belt operation.

So when the Harris family asked me about my triplet newborn experience 12 years ago, I had to admit my memory was a little fuzzy on the challenges.

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Gina Gaston's triplets

I did develop a system like they have to keep track of feedings and diaper changes which is necessity when you're keeping track of three people.

At least the Harris family has neighbors who understand their challenges. There are three more multiple families in League City from whom they can get advice and plan play-dates.

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