Wealthiest US presidents through the years

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The net worth of US presidents has varied greatly. Many did not have a lot of wealth, such as Abraham Lincoln and Calvin Coolidge. Some were very rich, such as George Washington, who married the widow of one of the richest men in Virginia, and John Kennedy, whose father made a fortune on the stock market -- in part using insider trading -- and by negotiating lucrative liquor importing deals after Prohibition ended.

And an interesting note: four of the five richest U.S. presidents since 1929 have been Democrats. The poorest U.S. president since 1929 was also a Democrat. That was Harry Truman.

In 2015, Time analyzed presidential wealth in modern U.S. dollars.

John F. Kennedy
$1 billion

George Washington
No party affiliation
$525 million

Thomas Jefferson
$212 million

Theodore Roosevelt
$125 million

Andrew Jackson
$119 million

James Madison
$101 million

Herbert Hoover
$75 million

Franklin D. Roosevelt
$60 million

Lyndon Johnson
$60 million

Bill Clinton
$38 million
Source: Time, September 18, 2015; JFK, Reckless Youth, 1992

Link: http://content.time.com/time/interactive/0,31813,2106519,00.html
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