Firings raise questions at Harris Co. Sheriff's Office

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The recent HSCO firings are raising questions about the culture at the department.

All of the deputy firings are raising questions about the culture inside the Harris County Sheriff's Office. Domestic Violence and Abuse expert Jolanda Jones said she's not surprised. It's an issue, she said, she's tried to call attention to.

The woman behind a photo Eyewitness News first brought you has brought to light an issue many feel is not talked about enough. She was first known as the "mistress" of slain Harris County Dept. Darren Goforth. In an exclusive interview with Eyewitness news she said deputies within the department go after women who have been victims in a case.

"I'm hopeful that they will stop vilifying her," said Jones.

Jones, has dealt with many women who, she said, are in a vulnerable state and prayed upon by men in law enforcement who feel they're privileged.

"What you have is an environment where you are always protected," said Jones. "Because police never believe they are wrong. Police think people are anti-police."

It's a culture, Jones said, needs to be handled now.

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"They need to get rid of bad officers bad deputies because those people can do a lot of harm," said Jones.

Deputy J. Goodrich is the third Harris County Sheriff's Office employee to be fired after having inappropriate contact with the alleged mistress.

"All you need is 1 or 2 or 3 deputies and they can terrorize a lot of people," she said.

According to Jones, it's a case of victimizing the victim and when these woman are sought after by someone in power they're too afraid to talk.

Jones understands not every deputy is bad, in fact, she believes there are more good than bad. However, she feels once the department starts to clean house more victims may come forward.

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