5-year-old child hit by car in northeast Houston

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A child is injured after he was hit by a truck. Jeff Ehling reports.

A 5-year-old child was struck by a car while crossing the street in northeast Houston.

It all happened in the 6700 block of Jensen Drive near Bennington Street.

Witnesses tell us there were five kids crossing the street through a gap in the guardrail. Four of them made it, but a kindergartner did not. He was hit by a pickup truck, the accident happening less than 50 yards from a cross walk.

"He didn't stop, the persons right there they didn't stop, they kept going and they hit the little boy and he flew from right there to all the way right here," says fourth grader Jamarques Watson.

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At least five children were there when a 5-year-old was struck by a vehicle in east Houston.

Watson says he saw the young child hit in the street.

Houston Police investigators say the driver of a white pickup truck hit the 5-year-old boy as the youngster tried to cross Jensen Drive.

The accident happened in front of several children on their way Paige Elementary School.

"Me and him, we had dropped out backpacks and started running all the way and jumped across and the big brother he had moved the little brother from out the street to right there or the side," says fourth grader Quincy Strong.

Witnesses say the street was filled with cars at the time of the accident.

Those who live here say it is not unusual to see kids walking along the train tracks over Jensen Drive or darting across the busy street even though a cross walk is near by.

"They were not supposed to be crossing the street, this is not a crossing street," says high school student Nataly Silva. "Even if, like me, I am 16 and I don't cross the street like that, I wait or go to a light."

Witnesses say the child was alert and talking when he was taken away in an ambulance.

Police say crossing here is a bad idea for anyone, especially for little kids.

"I talked to one of the moms out here and told her to let your kids know to go to the intersection at the light, where they can do it safely," HPD Sgt. GT Hall says.

HPD says it does appear the driver slowed down and tried to swerve but there was oncoming traffic. That driver is only being charged with driving without a license.

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