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Tips to save money on Valentine's Day (KTRK)

Valentine's day is almost here -- but you don't have to break the bank to show just how much you care.

The national retail federation says customers will spend more than 19-billion dollars this year -- about 147-dollars per person. However, has ways you can show the love.

First,spread it out. Don't limit the love to just one day. Spread little gestures out over next week, and they don't need to be expensive. The build-up to Valentine's Day can lead up to a heartfelt finale.

Also, remember it's the thought that counts, but you still need to plan ahead. You can make something. Check out things your sweetie has pinned on Pinterest, and see if he or she has an amazon wish list.

This one is simple, create a candlelight dinner at home. You can find good recipes online and it's less expensive to cook than eat out.

You can also shift the day to celebrate Valentine's Day. That way, you may have a better shot of getting reservations *or* dinner out may be less expensive.

Finally, you can always give the gift of gift cards. You could get them a gift card so your sweetie can pamper themselves.

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