METRO bus driver rushes to aid of injured passengers following dump truck wreck

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METRO bus driver comes to aid of passengers after dump truck crash.

METRO bus driver Wendall Adams was on his route on Tuesday morning.

He was heading down north Main near the North Loop. Adams said suddenly a dump truck came flying out.

"When he hit the bus, the right side of the bus was lifted off the wheels and came back down," Adams said.

Police say the dump truck didn't stop at the stop sign on 27th Street.

Dave Hoffman lives nearby and saw the whole thing.

"When he hit that thing, it shook the whole house, that's how hard of a hit it was," Hoffman said.

Adams and eight passengers suffered injuries. Adams immediately started checking on them.

"I went to the people, asked them, 'Was they okay, do they need medical attention'," said Adams.

Dave Hoffman and his wife, Sally Hoffman, watched Adams check out everyone, disregarding his own pain.

"He was in there checking on his passengers, that was his number one priority," said Sally Hoffman.

"I think it was very heroic," said Dave Hoffman.

Adams even told firefighters to help everyone else before treating him.

"Just a normal reaction. There was a need so I fulfilled the need," said Adams.

Witnesses called Adams a hero but for him it was just what you do.

"I don't consider myself a hero. I would do it for anybody and I thank God things happened the way it did," said Adams.

The driver of the dump truck was issued a citation. He was also hurt.

In all 10 people were taken to the hospital. None of the injuries were life-threatening.

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