Woman lured out of car then beaten, robbed in southwest Houston

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A medical student said she was lured out of her car, beaten and robbed on her way home Monday.

A medical student said she was lured out of her car, beaten and robbed on her way home.

The woman was too afraid to use her name but wanted to share her story to raise awareness among other women.

"I started saying, 'Our father, who art in Heaven," the woman said.

The crime happened in the late afternoon of February 1 at the intersection of Ashcroft and Dashwood near Bellaire Boulevard. The woman said she left her class in the Texas Medical Center, made a stop at a Wells Fargo bank near the Bellaire transit center before driving through the Gulfton area looking for Westpark.

"I got kind of turned around in here," the woman said. "They pulled out in front of me and pretended like they bumped me. I got out to assess the damage, and when I did, she hit me."

She said two women and one man attacked her and tried to steal her car.

"They kept hitting me in the jaw, and of course my eye is still black," she said. "And somebody yelled, 'Policia!"

It looks like her Smart Car may have outsmarted the criminals.

"They weren't able to figure out how to start my car because the key kind of goes in a different place than most cars," the woman said.

She said her attackers stole her phone and drove away in a black car with tinted windows.

"Once T-Mobile started tracking the phone, they had turned it off and taken out the SIM card," the woman said.

She drove to Methodist Hospital and reported the crime to police there. She wants women to be aware.

"And it was a female. I think I would have thought twice about it being a male, but I didn't," the woman said, "I got out of the car."

No one has been arrested in relation to this crime, according to police. If you have any information, contact Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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