New allegations of bullying emerge at Briscoe Junior High School

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Second family alleges bullying at Briscoe Junior High, Tracy Clemons reports.

There are new claims that an alleged bullying incident we first reported Thursday night at a Lamar CISD school was not isolated at all. A second family came forward claiming their son was also bullied and beaten up this week at Briscoe Junior High School.

That family says their 12-year-old son has been telling them for months that groups of kids at Briscoe Junior High zero in on their next bullying target and then pounce. They never thought he would become a victim.

"When they're playing basketball, if my son misses a shot he tells my son "you're an idiot, you're stupid, you suck," Silvia Calaway said.

She tells us things turned physical Tuesday. She says two students told her son he was about to get attacked. While running outside during P.E., the alleged bully pushed him down from behind. He fought back, to no avail.

"At some point, the student got my son in a head lock and just started hitting him on the side of the face, the side of the head," she said.

The seventh grader sustained a busted lip and bruising to the side of his face. The day after the attack, Silvia Calaway took him to the emergency room. A doctor confirmed he had a concussion.

Bruce Calaway says they chose to pursue charges against the alleged bully.

"Regardless of what happens to him at the District Attorney's office, that doesn't stop what's going to happen to the next kid or my kid again," he worried.

Nicole Oyervidez became that next kid the following day, beaten by a different student. That assault was caught on cell phone video.

Lamar CISD says there's only been one confirmed case of bullying at the Briscoe this school year. But after seeing the video of Oyervidez being assaulted, the Calaway's say they're convinced there's a bullying problem.

"This student pre-meditated attacking my son, and that's not ok," Silvia said. "And I think parents need to start being held accountable for their children's actions."

Anti-bullying expert Fabian Ramirez says that accountability can start with prevention.

"It's kids who are hurt. We need to help them deal with those hurts, or else they are going to go out and pick on other people," Ramirez explained.

"As far as what the schools can do, listen to the students when they say this kind of stuff is going on. I don't believe they are or else it would be better under control," Bruce Calaway added.

Lamar CISD's entire response to this latest allegation is below:

We are aware of a fight between two boys that occurred this week at Briscoe Junior High.

Due to federal and state privacy laws, we cannot discuss the specifics of how the matter was handled with students.

However, we are taking all appropriate disciplinary actions allowed by law.

There are 1,300 students at Briscoe Junior High this school year and to date, there has been one confirmed case of bullying.

Briscoe Junior High is a "No Place for Hate" campus and it participates in anti-bullying activities.

Student safety is always the top priority in the District. Students and parents are encouraged to contact any teacher or administrator if they have a concern about bullying or any other safety issue.

The district also addressed the concerns about interviewing students:

Teachers and staff interact with students every day. Students are often questioned without parents present. However, parents are always welcome to sit down and discuss issues with campus administration. The questioning of students related to an investigation usually takes place in the privacy of a school administrator's office.

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