Connecticut town considers program to arm teachers

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Kent, CT town officials consider a program to arm teachers (KTRK)

A Connecticut town is considering a program that would arm teachers at its only school.

According to WTNH, One Kent city official, Jeffrey Parkin, is suggesting a program that would allow teachers to carry firearms in the classroom at Kent Center School. Its the towns only pre-K through eighth grade school.

The program, called, "FASTER Saves Lives" would provide trauma kits and firearms training to school personnel in the event of a hostile act or intrusion.

Kent selectmen, which is the town's version of city council, voted 2-1 on Wednesday to present information about the program to the Kent Board of Education.

First selectman, Bruce Adams voted against it.

"I just don't think it is what Kent Center School needs or is ready for," said Adams.

Adams was a teacher at Kent Center School for 34 years... and the proposal hits home. "This is a distraction, disruption call it what you like," said Adams.

However, parents are uneasy about guns in the classroom.

"Just anything can happen," said parent, Rebecca Steinberg. "How are they going to be kept? Are they going to stored somewhere? In the classroom with the kids? Some say teachers shouldn't have to respond to violent events."

Kent is about 20 miles from Newtown, where 26 teachers and students were shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.

The proposal will be presented to the board of education next month.

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