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Video captures vicious attack on Lamar CISD middle school student

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Now the girl's mother is calling on Lamar CISD to stop the bullying, which she says has been happening to her daughter at Briscoe Junior High.

Nicole Oyervidez is an eighth grade student at Briscoe Jr. High School in Lamar CISD. Home-schooled until a few weeks ago, she says a group of girls has bullied her since day one in her new school. She says it came to a head Wednesday in what she calls a set-up that was caught on camera.

"It was a whole crowd of boys recording me like walking. And I was like why are they recording me. So the girl came up to me," Oyervidez says. "She's like 'I heard you're talking about me. If you want to confront me you can right now.' And she immediately grabbed my hair and started slapping me, and she yanked me to the floor and she started punching me."

Oyervidez tells us a group of girls has bullied her since her first day at Briscoe Junior High last month. She says two of them cornered her in a bathroom Monday and one of them attacked her. She fought back.

In both cases, she says an administrator treated her like she'd done something wrong.

"What he usually does is put me in a small room away from everybody and I just feel so alone in there," she said.

"He said this is something common that happens when there's a new student coming in at the end of the year. But we're here to try to work with you to try to protect her," says Nicole's mother Jennifer Khowaja.

Khowaja says she's not satisfied with the school's response.

"The only option they have given me up to now is to keep her isolated from the other students and keep the person that attacked her in a ALC only for 45 days," she said.

Oyervidez says she's afraid to go back to Briscoe. Her mom says something else needs to happen to shut this bullying down for good.

"I want this to go public," Khowaja explains. "I want this bullying in Briscoe Jr. High not to happen to any other girl."

A spokesman for Lamar CISD sent the following statement:

    "We're aware of an altercation that occurred this week at Briscoe Junior High involving two of our students. The District takes this matter very seriously and we're taking the appropriate actions allowed by law.

    The District is also actively investigating an alleged report of bullying.

    As always, the safety of our students and staff is the highest priority."

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