Humble mom pleads for help finding son's killer

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Jacob Bowman was gunned down in June and his family is offering a big reward for information about the killer.

The last time Donna Bowman saw her son walk through the front door was June.

"I'm just a shell of a person now. When Jacob walked in the door he would always come and if I was sitting down he would kiss me on the head," says Bowman.

The days without him are pure agony.

"I can't take a shower without just screaming bloody murder. I miss him with every bone in my body," she said.

Twenty-year-old Jacob Bowman was changing a flat tire at a gas station on the North Freeway June 15, 2015. Police say the front passenger in a small, white, four door sedan fatally shot him.

"I just need to know why. Why did I lose him because they might as well just shot me too. They killed me. They didn't just kill him but they killed me too," says Bowman.

The Humble mom doesn't believe it was a random murder. Just a couple hours earlier shots were fired at her Jeep at their Humble home. A possible suspect is seen in video running down their street. Investigators tell the family the same type of gun was used to kill Jacob.

"Why? What could this boy have done so badly to you that you had to do a planned murder and shoot him in the head?" questioned Bowman. The parents have offered $10,000 of their own money to help catch their son's killer.

"You may think it's the smallest little thing but it may be the biggest thing. The thing we need," says Bowman.

Bowman knows Jacob will never open the front door again. "

I want him to come in the door right now and say mom what are you doing? But I know it's not going to happen," she said.

But just one tip could help close the gap to justice. If you have any information call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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