Baby found in manger in the 70s reunites with biological family

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He was found a few days after Christmas in a manger inside a Houston church in the 70's. Now, 44-years-later, he's found his biological family.

His discovery made headlines on the front page of the Houston Post: A baby boy found in a manger in 1971 at Saint Anne's Catholic Church on Westheimer.

Two women noticed something moving in the Christmas nativity scene. Nobody saw who dropped him off.

DJ William was that baby. He was adopted and grew up in Dayton, Texas. And 44 years later, a DNA match linked DJ Williams to a possible sister living in Dallas. After months of searching, he discovered he had four half siblings. The group met for the very first time here in Houston last month.

After several embraces, DJ asked, "So, what are you thinking?" One sister said, "You look like our Uncle John."

The four siblings did not know they had a brother or that their mother had a child before them.

After meeting, they sat down and DJ began by saying, "My story begins in Texas...When I was about five days old I was found in the nativity scene of Saint Anne's Catholic Church. I was well cared for, very healthy and I had a blanket and a stack of diapers and some formula."

DJ's mother started her family about two years after DJ's birth. She remarried and the father of his siblings also did not know about his wife's first secret child.

"Looking back at the story and what I know now, I was left there because that was the safest place that I could've have been left at that time. I was born in December, around Christmas time, so that would be the safest place I would be found. I know that this information is a bit of a shock for you guys," DJ said.

DJ just missed the chance to meet his mother and ask her all of his burning questions about what happened. His mother died nearly two years ago. His first question would have been, "Maybe why? Knowing why. What made you do it?"

DJ and his siblings visited for the second time again in Houston to celebrate Christmas in January. DJ got to meet more family including several Aunts and Uncles. To this day, nobody know who DJ's biological father is.

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