Residents raise health concerns over feral cats invading northwest Houston yards

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The feral cat problem is so bad that one neighbor told us the cats have made his yard into their very own litter box -- and he's concerned about his pregnant wife.

A feral cat problem in northwest Houston is so bad that some neighbors told Eyewitness News there's cat feces all over their yards. One man said he's concerned for his pregnant wife.

"They come over here and get on the car and under the car," said one neighbor.

Almost every neighbor we talked to in the quiet community has a big problem and they want to be heard loud and clear.

"Some scratches on the car and you'd be like 'Shoo, shoo go away,'" said neighbor, Cristina Ferrufino.

"I can see them crawling in and out of the garage," said Khoa Ngo.

Khoa Ngo claims his neighbor is feeding stray cats and believes they keep multiplying. However, he's mainly worried because his wife is pregnant with their first child.

"The problem started when they started pooping everywhere," he said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cat feces can carry a parasite that may ultimately be harmful to mom and the unborn child.

"I have to go manually and pick up all the poop," said Ngo, who also claims he sees dead cats everywhere.

Ngo said he has to make sure his yard is safe before his wife can get in and out of the house.

"We've talked to her plenty of times," said another neighbor in Spanish.

"Her safety is my upmost concern," said the sister of the woman neighbors are complaining about.

The sister told Eyewitness News the problem started six years ago when they took in a sick cat and fed it. Before they knew it, she said, they had several cats. The sister said the neighborhood is against her. She claims someone even left a dead cat on the front porch with a note saying "you're next."

"Almost daily we come home and somebody has spread cat poop all over her garage door," said the sister who claims she can't handle the cat boom on her own. "Help me get these cats off the street; other than complaining offer some support and some help."

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