Look up! Five planets visible in sky

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Something cool is happening, but you have to go look pretty early.

We have a unique opportunity to see five planets lined up in the sky over the next few weeks. But you have to get up early to see them!

Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter will be lined up across the southern sky between now and the middle of February. For the best view, get out of town where you have a clear view of the horizon. First, look for the super bright planet Venus. To the left and very close to the horizon will be the planet Mercury. Saturn will be to the right of Venus. Next find the bright star Spica about halfway between Mars and Jupiter, which also shines very brightly in the sky.

The sun comes up about 7:15am. So you need to be outside and looking for the planets around 6:30am, before dawn starts to lighten up the sky. You don't need a telescope or binoculars to see the five planets, but if you do you could see the rings around Saturn and the red surface of Mars.

The last time these five planets appeared together in a line was December 2004. The next time will be in August 2016 and then not again until July 2020.

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