Conroe florist helping homeless man in need

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A florist helping a homeless man in need, Kaitlin McCulley has the story.

The world can be a harsh place for people living virtually out of sight.

Kristin Greer saw something in one elderly homeless man most people did not.

"He's got a kind and gentle spirit," Greer said.

Greer owns a flower shop in Conroe. She said she watched a homeless man sweeping a convenience store parking lot for about a year before she decided to talk to him.

"We have a couch here in my flower shop, and I said, 'Do you want to come here and help, sweep the floors and dump garbage,'" Greer said, "I'll pay you out of my pocket."

The man is 63-year-old Willy Chriss. He agreed to help Kristin at her shop.

"From there, we'd talk a bit more," Greer added.

But as their friendship grew stronger, Willy's health got worse. Greer took him to Conroe Regional Medical Center after he was not recovering from a fever.

"They said if he would not have gone within the next week, he'd be dead," Greer said.

She said doctors installed a pacemaker in Willy's heart and stopped internal bleeding from ulcers in his stomach.

"He's got color in his cheeks, he's gained weight," Greer said. "He's doing well."

Willy is staying with Greer for now but not for long. After word got out about Willy's situation, the community donated several thousand dollars for a mobile home for Willy.

Some people say Greer saved Willy's life.

"It's nothing to do with me. God leads you to where you need to be," Greer said. "And when you're a true friend to someone and you open your heart, it's endless what can happen."

She hopes Willy's story will make this world a little more welcoming for others just needing to be seen.

If you would like to donate to Willy's cause, visit this website: CLICK HERE.

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