Cuban immigrants journey to the U.S. through Mexico

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Cuban immigrants are finding their way through Mexico to Houston. (KTRK)

As Houston continues to be recognized as one of the most diverse cities in the United States, many Cubans are finding their way to the city.

How exactly are they doing it? They're making their way into the U.S. through Mexico.

Norje, a native of Cuba, traveled to Houston last week with a dozen other immigrants.

"Estas content que esta aqui? (Are you happy you're here?)," abc13's Art Rascon asked.

"Si, si (Yes, yes)," Norje answered.

He boarded a flight from Havana, Cuba to Equador then traveled by foot and train through South and Central America into Mexico. From Mexico, he smuggled himself over the U.S/Mexico border into the state of Texas.

"Un viaje muy dificil (That's a difficult trip)," Rascon said.

Norje says the trip was very difficult, but worth it because now he is an American.

Jeff Watkins helps lead YMCA International, the first stop for Cubans to begin their new and legal life in the U.S.

"By hook or crook they are here and the way the law is written, they are eligible for many services refugees are," Watkins added.

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