Botched Craigslist sale turns into action-packed scene in Friendswood

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Two men were arrested after they allegedly try to steal a motorcycle listed for sale on Craigslist by a Friendswood man.

Friendswood police say two men face charges after their plan to allegedly steal a Craigslist seller's motorcycle turned sour and morphed into an action-packed scene reminiscent of a Hollywood movie.

"I've seen reports of Craigslist deals going bad, but I never expected it to happen to me," said the owner of the bike, Haseeb Mahmood.

Police say Darias Taron LaCour agreed to meet Mahmood Thursday night at his home in the 1100 block of Hawkhill and pay him $5,000 for the motorcycle. The 29-year-old LaCour and his friend, Renard Peter Carter, showed up in a Chevy Impala.

Carter waited in the Impala while LaCour met with the seller. LaCour asked to test drive the bike before completing the sale, and when the seller agreed, the two sped off. LaCour immediately lost control of the motorcycle, causing Carter to crash into him with the Impala.

"(He) ... lost control ... the back tires burned out, he spun out and at the same time he spun out, I guess the Impala had a little too much speed. He didn't have time to stop. Completely rammed into the bike," said Mahmood.

LaCour ditched the bike and took off running on foot, and Carter continued driving down the street. But the victim didn't give up. He and three family members gave chase. Two chased LaCour, while the other two followed Carter and blocked him in. At that point, Carter abandoned the car and also took off running.

Carter allegedly tried to carjack the driver of a Jeep stopped at a stop sign off Eagle Lakes Drive, but that driver sped off.

Police finally arrived at the scene and ordered both suspects to the ground. They were handcuffed and put in the back of two police cars.

It didn't end there.

Carter, who police described as "under the influence of an unknown drug," allegedly finagled the handcuffs to the front of his body and made a phone call on his cell phone. An officers ordered him to end the call, and when he refused, he was pulled out of the car again. As officers tried to readjust his handcuffs, he became aggressive and a struggle ensued. It took several offers to get him back under control.

Police later found the Impala in front of a residence in the 1000 block of High Ridge Drive. Inside it, investigators found a pair of motorcycle riding gloves, a motorcycle jacket and miscellaneous motorcycle parts.

Carter was charged with three counts of assault on a public servant. His bond was set at $75,000. LaCour was charged with attempted theft. His bond was set at $1,500.

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