Mom of teen in Pearland son for sale case speaks out

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Mom of teen in son for sale case speaks to abc13's Christine Dobbyn.

Elisha Siros still has the pictures on the wall of her son Alan. The last one taken with him was when he was four and a half years old.

"Things in life weren't good and I wasn't able to take care of him. I knew he needed to be taken care of," Siros said.

Elisha says her cousin, 45-year-old Ronald Hoyt, adopted her son Alan. She gave up all rights as part of the agreement adding, "I've missed him every day of his life. I've never stopped."

For 12 years she had no contact until she saw the story about Hoyt on Eyewitness News. He was charged with the sale or purchase of a child this week, an allegation he's denied.

"You have to stone cold not love somebody to sell them, " Siros said.

The teen told us the relationship had turned rocky as he grew up.

"He made sure I knew I was adopted. There was a lot of bad stuff," Alan said.

The charges claim he was going to sell him to another man for $1,000 and a pickup truck. Last year a man named Michael Gonzales met Alan and decided he wanted to adopt him. That's when Hoyt allegedly made the financial demands before signing any documents.

"That's so sickening and rocked me to every core," Siros said.

She wants her son to know, "I have a two bedroom house, one room is for you. Just come home. He'll never feel like that again. I'll do what I can to make sure he is loved."

She also says he is going to fight now to try and get him back.

"I'm in a far better place in my life," Siros added..

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