Crooks wanted for stealing from hair salon employees in Spring

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Crooks wanted for stealing from employees.

Police are investigating a theft at a Spring hair salon. Surveillance video shows a young woman stealing wallets out of purses, while the stylists they belong to, stood only a few feet away.

The manager at Texas Hair Team off I-45 said two women came into the salon Tuesday afternoon and one of them asked to use the bathroom. It's a request they get often so manager Elizabeth Madrano said no one thought this was anything out of the ordinary.

"She came straight to the back, looks this way, looks that way," Medrano showed Eyewitness News.

Medrano said she thought the woman went to use the bathroom. But surveillance video tells a different story. Instead, the thief is seen passing the bathroom, going into the employee break room, where she rifled through several purses. Medrano says the second woman sat in the front of the store the whole time, waiting for her friend.

One of those purses belonged to Michelle Victorick, a salon stylist. She had no idea what was happening while she was with a client.

"That's how quick it was. I don't even know what she looks like until we saw the video and made the report," Victorick said.

Cheryl Castaneda's debit card and license were also stolen.

"We work hard for our money and they just come right on in and take whatever they want!" Castaneda said.

The two women left the salon and no one knew their wallets were stolen until later that evening. The Texas Hair Team hopes by sharing this video, someone will recognize the thief who appears to be in her late teens or early twenties.

"I work hard to have what I have. If you want what you want go get a job," Victorick said. "You didn't just take from me you took from my child as well."
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