Man charged with murder after allegedly lighting two men on fire

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A man is charged with murder, after police say he threw gasoline on two men during an argument, and lit them on fire, killing one.

The family of Kirby and Dexter Taylor drove to Houston from Louisiana as soon as they heard the tragic news.

Francona Todd said his uncle, Kirby Taylor, is recovering physically, but recovering emotionally will be difficult.

"He's traumatized, that's all I can say," Todd said. "In the meantime, for those of you that are prayer warriors, keep praying for him because he's gonna need your prayers."

A neighbor who did not want to be identified said she saw Kirby trying to save his son, even after suffering severe burns himself.

"The dad was standing out on the front porch with a water hose, it looked like, trying to help is son. He was screaming," the neighbor said.

According to court documents, the suspect, Curtis Holliman, had been living with the Taylors at their home on Ewing street since 2008. He even attended worship services with them at Holman Street Baptist Church.

Police say Holliman got into an argument with the Taylors, went upstairs and came back down carrying a container of flammable liquid. He allegedly set both men on fire using a barbecue-style lighter.

Todd said his cousin Dexter will be missed.

"He was very well mannered, he was smart in books and school and computers," Todd said. "He was excellent on that."

Todd does not want to speculate on what the Holliman could have been angry about. He is focusing on helping his uncle get better.

"The only thing I can encourage him to do is just be strong right now," Todd said. "It's about him believing in what he's praying for."

Holliman appeared before a judge Tuesday night, and bond was set at $50,000

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