Man accused of sexually assaulting stepchildren

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A search is underway for a man accused of sexually assaulting three of his stepchildren, and the victims' mother says they can't rest until he's caught.

For a Houston-area mother, the past 14 months have been agonizing and terrifying. In that time, the biological father of her daughter and stepfather to her other kids has now been charged with felony sexual assault of three of the children -- and he may have contact with their child.

Anthony Castaneda was charged with three counts of sexually assaulting two of the woman's daughters who were in first grade at the time, as well as her son, who was 9 years old when the assault allegedly took place in 2010.

"My son told me (Castaneda) said he couldn't play football until he let him do those things to him," she said.

According to the probable cause documents filed in November, he threatened to kill at least one of the children if they told anyone.

The mother says it was Castaneda's ex-wife who contacted her on social media, to tell her another of Castaneda's stepchildren said he had been molested.

She then asked her own children if anything had happened to them. They answered yes.

"My son fell down on the floor and said 'Thank you Jesus.' It was a relief that he was finally able to say something," she said.

The children were interviewed at the Children's Assessment Center early last year, and the charges were filed in November.

Before any of this happened, Castaneda had custody of the couple's daughter. Her mother says he was abusive and kicked her and her other children out of the home.

"I went into a women's shelter with them," she said. "Because I didn't have a home or a job, the judge gave him custody."

When Castaneda disappeared, so did their daughter. A Harris County Sheriff's Office spokesperson said Castanada's parents have CPS custody of the child, but for her mother, that's no guarantee he doesn't have contact with the 6-year-old girl.

She referred to a ticket he was given for failure to have the child in a restraint seat, which she believes is proof he's been around the daughter.

Attempts have been made to find him, according to the Sheriff's Office, but have been unsuccessful so far.

The Gulf Coast Violent Offender's Task Force is now involved in the attempt to locate Castaneda.

More accusations of child sexual assault against him are being investigated.

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