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Man convicted of deadly conduct goes to courthouse men's room and never comes back

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Man wanted after leaving courthouse following conviction.

A man convicted of deadly conduct is on the run tonight, after asking to use the court house bathroom, and then never coming back.

Courtney Lyons was in trial inside the 338th District Court most of the day. Around lunch time, a jury came back with a guilty verdict. Lyons was convicted of using a gun to shoot at a person, missing, and then hitting a house. But before the sentencing phase began, Lyons asked to use the restroom, which is outside the court room, and just down the hall. After a few seconds of discussion, the bailiffs allowed him to go, unescorted.

"Prior to sentencing, he asked to go to the restroom and hasn't returned," said Lee Richardson, Lyons' defense attorney. "I think he's a good kid but I think he's just scared."

According to sources in the Harris County Sheriff's Department, since Lyons was just convicted and not sentenced, the bailiffs did not follow him out into the hallway.

Since he went missing, there is now a warrant out ofr his arrest. The Texas Fugitive Taskforce is also on the case. The sentencing phase of the trial continued without Lyons this afternoon. Lyons was eligible for probation. His attorney admits, though, that the fact he ran will diminish any possibility of probation.

"He's never been convicted of a felony before, never been on adult probation before, so he was eligilble for probation, it was the kind of case, that was quite possible," said Richardson. "So if you hear me, come on in."

Sources in the sheriff's department says while no policy violations technically took place, the current procedures will be reviewed.

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