VIDEO: Police smash wrong-way driver in Oklahoma chase

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A dash cam captured a wild police chase on camera (KTRK)

Wild dash cam video shows how a traffic stop turned into a high-speed chase with deputies smashing their cruiser into a man driving the wrong way on a highway.

Local station KFOR reports
the 25-minute police chase began with a driver doing 75 in a 65 mile-per-hour zone.

Police say Brian Everhart -- a known felon for drug convictions -- didn't stop, leading to a chase.

At one point, police say Everhart drove with a flat tire, his tailgate throwing up sparks as it dragged on the road.

Troopers eventually hit Everhart's vehicle and spun it around until it stopped.

Police say Everhart fought with officers and tried to reach for a gun inside a hidden holster.

Everhart was eventually taken into custody.

Three cruisers were damaged in the crash-filled chase, but no one was hurt.

Mark Opgrande, of the Oklahoma Co. Sheriff's Department, told KFOR, "The suspect we were following started to go right into traffic and you can see there were several vehicles right there in front. We need to stop this man right now before he ends up hurting someone or actually killing someone. We know we're chasing someone who's a felon, he's also wanted in two counties."

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