Ticket buyers hope to cash in on $1.5B Powerball jackpot

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Powerball fever is growing ahead of the drawing, Kaitlin McCulley reports. (KTRK)

Billionaire hopefuls lined up outside of Lucky Rudy's in Rosenberg Tuesday, hoping to cash in on the record jackpot.

Skipper Strong was among the crowd. He said he has a method to choosing his lucky numbers.

"I went from the top of each line straight down. I like to have some kind of system to it," Strong said, "I mean, it makes no sense anyway, but it makes sense to me."

The manager of Lucky Rudy's, Mike Prasla, said customers win money every week here.

"We are the number one in the state," Prasla said. "We sell more tickets, so we produce more winners. The tickets are ordered very fast, so that's why we have a lot of winners."

Pictures of those winners plaster the walls inside the store, making out-of-town customers feel they came to the right place.

Strong knows the odds of winning the $1.3 billion dollars are not in his favor. He decided to play regardless.

"With this amount of money at stake, it's worth taking a chance," Strong said, "And I'm retired, so I got time to do this!"

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