Bouncer seen punching patron at a Midtown bar defends his actions

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Some club-goers in Midtown are angry after what they saw outside a local bar. (KTRK)

The bouncer seen punching a patron on the ground outside of a Midtwon bar is defending his actions.

The Elysium bouncer, who wants to be called "Tiny," said he was punching the combative customer because he was biting his leg.

"I was trying to jar his teeth from tearing my meat on my leg, so therefore, it was almost like a protective move, so I wouldn't have any more damage than what he was causing," Tiny said.

Witnesses said they could not believe how many times the bouncer was punching the man on the ground.
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Man allegedly beat by security guard

"The other security guard came up and just started punching him," Mariah Martinez said, "Literally, like 13 times."

Tiny said the video does not show the whole story.

"What they saw was basically not even a quarter of the story," Tiny said.

Tiny said by the time the video starts, the combative patron had already been kicked out of the club twice.

"One of the bouncers got a cut on his forearm trying to get the same guy out," Tiny said.

Tiny said the man was biting his leg when the video starts.

"I'm letting people know, hey man, I need some help, this guy is biting me, and everybody's laughing, and I'm like, no take a look, he's biting me," Tiny said, "He had me leg locked, and from that point on I started trying to jar his mouth loose off my leg."

According to Houston Police, a valet flagged down nearby officers on mounted patrol. Another two-man unit responded as well. Two patrons were taken to the HPD sobering unit and later released.

No one was charged with a crime. An HPD spokesman said no one at Elysium or Gaslamp complained to officers about the bouncer's behavior.
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