Mixed reactions from Houstonians on Obama's gun plan

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Elizabeth Garcia still sees her 6-year-old son in her dreams.

"Sometimes, I feel like he's looking for me, and he can't find me," says the still grieving mother.

Moises Jimeniz died and his older brother was hurt when three young men allegedly shot up their southside home last September. Garcia believes if guns weren't so easily available, her son may still be alive.

"It's horrible how these innocent kids are dying because of guns," she says, with tears streaming down her face. "I don't think they should let them ever have guns."

Not everyone agrees with Garcia. We watched President Barack Obama's emotional gun control press conference with Republican State Representative Debbie Riddle. She was unmoved.

"I think it's outrageous," said the Tomball lawmaker. "I think all it's going to do is affect law abiding citizens. The criminals don't abide by the rules, they have never abided by the rules if they did they wouldn't be criminals."

Others, like David McKinney, who sells guns online, worry the new regulations would turn people away from legal gun sales.

"They'll still find ways to get in touch with each other, face to face meetings, and sell to each other anyway," said McKinney. "I'm thinking all it's going to do is create criminals out of citizens."

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Executive Director Glenn Urbach feels differently. His organization has worked for years to end the stigma against mental illess. Urbach says he's seen first hand how easy it is for those with mental health challenges to get guns.

"Anyone with mental illness can buy a gun. They just can," said Urbach.

Urbach says he was especially encouraged by the President's directive to allow the sharing of certain mental health patient information with law enforcement. If that happens, he says at least some lives will be saved.

"Sometimes an individual will have to give up a little bit of their privacy if they have a mental health challenges and they shouldn't have access to a gun."

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