Video captures man trying to install skimming device on ATM in Richmond-area

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Deputies say the man tried to put the skimmer on the ATM at the Valero store located on Plantation Drive at Mason Road near the city of Richmond.

Fort Bend County Sheriff's detectives are looking for the man who a convenience store employee caught trying to hook up a debit card skimmer.

The incident happened on October 29th, inside the Valero at Plantation Drive and FM 359 near Pecan Grove Plantation.

Investigators say an employee became suspicious of a customer spending an unusual amount of time at an ATM near the rear of the store. When the customer was approached, he fled.

"Very brazen. Because of the fact that he's willing to go in there with customers in the store, with customers still behind him to try to rig the machine in front of the clerk," said FBCSO Sgt. Rodney Grimmer.

On a very regular looking ATM, investigators discovered a skimmer. Inside, they found a card reader which stores your card info and a tiny camera which would record every PIN punched in. Detectives think the person responsible has done this before.

"He's gotta know what he's doing. Anyone off the street is not gonna know how to hook up the camera, how to hook up the magnetic reader," said Grimmer.

Detectives urge you to be vigiliant about watching for signs that a machine is rigged to a skimmer. If you notice marks, a loose or ill-fitting housing, that could be a sign that the machine has been compromised. Many companies now use a special tape on their machines when, if unbroken, are meant to show a device has not been tampered with.

Investigators say you should also cover your PIN as you enter it so any cameras nearby cannot record your keystrokes.

Detectives are asking for your help to find the suspect. According to eyewitnesses he could be Asian or Hispanic, mid-20s to early-30s, wearing a white "Bronx" hat, black framed glasses and white pants with a bandana secured around his waist.

If you recognize the suspect, you are urged to contact the Fort Bend Sheriff's Office or Crimestoppers at 281-342-8477.

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