At least 4 Houston eateries, bars hit by burglars

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Area restaurant and bar owners on alert for intruders. These guys are breaking their way in, and taking what they can.

Bold burglars have hit a restaurant, stealing thousands of dollars' worth of televisions and even the safe.

The break-in happened early Thursday morning at Lowbrow, a cozy neighborhood bar and eatery in the Montrose area.

Surveillance cameras captured the burglary crews' movements. The video shows the first thief tearing away a cash register. Then more men enter and can be seen ripping TVs off the walls. Later, video shows them hauling away the safe.

"It was a big safe, probably 5 1/2 feet tall and quite heavy and two of them carried it like no problem at all," explained Courtney Foster, the General Manager.

Two of the crooks served as lookouts on the patio as two others ran off with the loot. That's where a camera caught the clearest shot of one burglar. He has two designs, possibly stars, shaved in his hair and a tattoo on his right hand.

Foster has posted fliers of the guy all over the restaurant and along the block nearby.

"I'm hoping someone will say something or he's just walking around and someone will recognize it," Foster said.

The burglary comes in the wake of many others that have plagued local bars and restaurants over the last couple months. Eyewitness News has reported on break-ins along Washington, near Midtown and in the Montrose area. Burglary crews, made up of three to five men -- possibly the same ones -- are breaking in overnight and stealing TVs and safes.

The loss at Lowbrow is in the thousands. Foster says it's scary how comfortable and brazen the thieves were.

"It wasn't like they came in and came out. They came in repeatedly and they hung out and drank and acted like it was their house."

Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers at 713-222-8477 or follow this link:

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