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Full face makeup without a full cosmetics bag (KTRK)

If you love natural makeup AND you don't feel like lugging around a ton of products, you're in luck. Nars Cosmetics Makeup Stylist Yaneek Proctor says that when we're in a pinch, after your foundation and concealer, contour color and blush is all you need.

After applying your foundations and concealer, grab your contour color and use it to ... contour! Usually, a matte shade is best for contouring, because these are areas we want to disguise. For example, if you want to give the illusion of having cheek bones, grab a brush and apply the color along the cheek bone up to the hair line. To make your forehead look smaller, trace some contour color around the hair line. To make your nose thinner, add some color to the sides of the nose. To define your chin, brush the color under your chin and down your neck. Contour also works as a gorgeous shadow color. Add it to the eye above the lid and to the outer corner of the eyes.

Now, with blush, you can really bring out those areas that you want to enhance. Here's where you can add a little shimmer, and Nars Orgasm is the perfect cult product to give this a try. Add blush where it belongs -- on the cheeks! You can apply to your apples, but try adding on the actual cheekbones in an upward motion towards the hairline.

This will give you a little lift. Add the blush to the lids of your eyes for more color. Finally, use it as lip color. Tap a little bit right in the center of your lips to give yourself a pouty look.

Finish your makeup with mascara, and you have a beautiful, natural look for the day!

Nars Cosmetics has a new boutique in River Oaks District here in Houston off Westheimer. Check them out for a free makeup consultation.

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