Arian Foster's wife, Romina, combines football with fashion

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Arian Foster's wife, Romina, has her own fashion line (KTRK)

Texans running back, Arian Foster, has quite the reputation when it comes to fashion. Anytime the Pro Bowler is seen off of the field, he is dressed to the nines. While Foster takes some credit for his fashion sense, his wife Romina, is certainly the catalyst.

"Its not all her, I got a little bit, I got a little swank to me," laughs Foster. "But for the most part she is the brains behind it."

She is now putting her brains into a new clothing line. "Covu" combines her love of fashion with football. Covu is also a play on words for the defensive scheme in football called "Cover 2."

Romina says "I asked him about football lingo, something that a fan will connect with the fans. So he said "Cover 2."

Arian added "When she was going through names, that was kind of the one that popped up at me. It was kind of a pun and it is was witty and it just fits, and she ran with it. "

"Covu" has a Texans feel to it, with a rustic and classy look. Romina says "Texas pride is big for us, I looked at each team and tried to find something that people identify with and that they feel comfortable with. We love our hats we love hats our cowboys gear - so I tried to get the Texas flag in it. But I tried to show it in a different way."

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