Babies born on back-to-back days outside New Jersey Burger King

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AJ Ross has the details on the special deliveries at a New Jersey Burger King.

Two women have delivered healthy babies on back-to-back days in the parking lot of the same Burger King restaurant in New Jersey.

"It happened so fast," Denville police Detective Scott Tobin said. "We had to take action, and thank God everything worked out great."

Denville police say they were called to the restaurant just off Route 46 Friday night for a woman going into labor. They say the parents were on the way to the hospital but got stuck in traffic and had to pull over.
"This baby did not want to wait, though, so we got there and she was actively in labor," firefighter/EMT Shannon Covert said. "Ready to push, and within minutes, the baby came out."

They helped the woman deliver a healthy son, named Ryan (asleep with a smile on the right).

"It was a little surreal," Covert said. "I had to actually sit down and think, like, wow that just happened. Because it doesn't happen every day here. It's something that a lot of people in this department have never experienced."

Needless to say, it was a rewarding day on the job for all involved. And many were still basking in the moment when an identical 911 call came in Saturday night.

"They always say how lightning doesn't strike twice," Tobin said. "But obviously, this particular incident, it did."

The same patrol officers went back to the restaurant the next night for a report of another woman going into labor. Authorities say the couple was heading to the hospital when the woman started going through severe contractions.
"The cord was wrapped around the neck and the body, so we had to take a little more action to make sure everything was OK," Tobin said. "Thank God everything worked out great."

Officers helped deliver another baby boy, named Braydon (left) in the couple's vehicle.

"This is something that we don't get called to do too often," Denville police Chief Christopher Wagner said. "But they did a banner job on it and were truly heroic in the birth of two healthy baby boys."

The families did not want to talk on camera or have their last names released, but they provided the photos via Wagner.

Still, it's an epic birthday tale -- a Double Whopper, Jr., if you will -- that these two special boys and their families will surely never forget.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)

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