Heavy rain causes problems in parts of Houston area

Drivers had a rough time on the roads this morning due to heavy street flooding that left many of them stranded (KTRK)
May 13, 2014 9:51:16 AM PDT
Heavy and steady rain across the viewing area this morning led to several reports of high water on roadways.

High water is being reported in the following locations:

-- H-10 EAST Westbound at CEDAR LN 1 Mainlane(s)

Travis at Commerce near the University of Houston blocked due to high water

Car also got stalled in high water along Fondren at the Southwest Freeway.

One after another, commuters were caught off guard on Fondren as their vehicles became submerged and then stalled in flood waters.

"It was past my knees so it was pretty deep," said METRO bus rider Shonda Talton.

Talton was on a METRO bus that got stuck after trying to get around when a stalled car.

"The water was so high we actually couldn't see the median so it climbed over and we heard it and then it sunk down," she said.

In Montgomery County, we got reports of drivers stuck in high water in Conroe. Firefighters were called in to assist.

The city of Houston is encouraging drivers to use caution on the roads. Remember, it only takes a few inches of water to move vehicles. And you should never walk through flood waters.

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