NFL-inspired draft for prom dates at California school stirs controversy

A draft to choose prom dates at a California school has prompted officials to speak out against the practice.

May 7, 2014 1:19:16 PM PDT
High schoolers picking their prom dates through an NFL-inspired draft may have seemed like fun, at first. But school officials on that California campus have now opened an investigation into the alleged draft.

Rumors of boys picking their dates by choosing names out of a fish bowl began circulating last week. One student even claimed to have paid $140 for his top pick. That prompted a letter to parents, from the principal, condemning the practice, which many students there seem to agree with.

"It's just terrible, I mean, when someone wants to treat someone as if they were just something they could just throw around," student Sam Picou said.

Other students have come forward to say the whole thing was overblown, only a few students were involved, and that they disbanded the draft on their own.

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