Fire burns nearly 50 acres in Liberty County

There was a close call for one firefighter battling the blaze (KTRK)
May 3, 2014 9:21:28 PM PDT
A nearly 50-acre blaze has been burning near a new subdivision in Liberty County. That brush fire is burning in Plum Grove near Splendora.

The fire, which is now contained, started out as a controlled burn and quickly spread.

"It is bad," said Plum Grove fire Chief Darlene Trapp. "Make no mind about it."

Chief Trapp says she and her husband were among the first to battle the blaze in the plot of land was that was being cleared out by developers. The chief's husband almost didn't make it out.

"It overwhelmed him," said Trapp. Between the smoke, the heat. He is a heart patient. He literally crawled on the ground and got out of the fire."

He was OK.

Backup finally arrived. Ten fire departments responded.

"I'm not evacuating," said resident Tracey van Cantfort. "This is our home. We have livestock."

All van Cantfort could do from her property line was watch and get angry.

"These people have got to stop they guy that owns this," she said. "He's nowhere to be found."

Heavy machinery was brought in by the Texas Forest Service to battle through the debris field.

"It kept jumping our lines," said Raymond Uvalle with Texas Forest Service. "It's real dry right now."

Five homes were threatened as the fire inched closer to a neighborhood, but fire lines were carved out just in time.

No injuries were reported in the fire and no homes were damaged. Crews will continue to monitor hotspots.

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