Man setting up for garage sale found dead in N. Harris County

He was found by neighbors early Saturday at a complex in north Harris County (KTRK)
May 3, 2014 8:34:49 PM PDT
A community is waiting to hear how their neighbor really died Saturday and if it was an accident or not. What they discovered there was a little unusual.

A loud bang got the attention of people who live in the apartment complex on Ella near Cypress Creek. Startled, they went outside and found their friend.

"I don't know what to think right now," said neighbor Chris Honeycutt. "We'll miss him."

It was early Saturday morning when police say a man was found dead in his garage. They say the 53-year-old had some type of head injury. He may have been shot or hit on the head.

He was apparently getting ready for a community garage sale at the Mariposa Apartments on Ella Boulevard.

Police found a ladder and pick ax near the man.

"Great, great man, said pastor Mary Burroughs. "Great minister, great man of God."

The deceased man didn't just live there. He was also a pastor who ran a Bible study for residents.

Friends say the man was a pastor in Arizona. He moved to Texas to take care of his parents with his wife. He was known for always looking out for others.

"Loved to help people," said Honeycutt. "He really wanted to make people feel at home and welcomed and loved."

Nothing was missing from the man's garage and police say he still had his wallet and his cell phone.

"Wonderful person," said Burroughs. "The kind of man that's smiling all the time. Super helpful person."

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