Family of woman fatally shot in northeast Houston calls for justice

Julianna Gordon was killed by her ex, who claims it was in self-defense (KTRK)
May 2, 2014 9:06:19 PM PDT
A man has been indicted for the death of his wife, and now, the family of the victim is speaking only with Eyewitness News.

"We miss her," said Dante Gordon. "Her family misses her. I'm sure the boys miss her."

While seasons have changed, time stands still for 27-year-old Julianna Gordon's family.

"We know where Julianna is and our goal is to raise her sons and let them know who their mother is," added Julianna's mother Tamela Mayer.

On December 30, Julianna was shot multiple times. She died at her estranged husband's northeast side home. Her ex, Ryan Burgs, claimed self-defense.

"Her estranged husband initially claimed that she attacked him with a knife and he shot her in self-defense," said Sgt. Ben Beall with the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

A Harris County grand jury got the case and indicted Burgs. In the middle of this are three small boys who have effectively lost both of their parents.

The boys have been with their paternal grandparents, but Julianna's parents are fighting for custody. The next hearing is next week.

Julianna's parents say they'll be back in court for that hearing.

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