One man dead after carjacking in southwest Houston

The victim may have been trying to help the carjacking victim
April 20, 2014 4:14:02 PM PDT
A man was run over and killed early Sunday morning in southwest Houston and now police are sorting through a lot of details, including the possibility that he may have been trying to help someone.

The deadly altercation happened on Bellflower Road near Fondren at around 2am as a group of men were all leaving a nearby club and bar.

Preliminary reports indicate a victim was being carjacked and the three guys in their early 20s came up to help. That's when a suspect deliberately hit and ran over two of them.

One of those men died at Southwest Memorial Hospital. Another was treated and released.

Right now, police are still pouring through a lot of evidence recovered on scene. Officers were able to trace the driver and the car in question, which sustained quite a bit of damage.

"He was leaking fluid and patrol officers followed the trail of the fresh fluid on the street and found it a few blocks over," said Richard Martinez with HPD homicide.

Detectives are still interviewing witnesses and talking to the driver of the car. We'll keep you updated as the case unfolds.

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