Create dynamic photos with your smart phone

March 19, 2013 3:29:04 PM PDT
You don't need to buy a fancy camera. You can create dynamic photos with your smart phone. In fact, one instructor at the Houston Center for Photography now teaches a class on iPhone photography, and she shared some of her favorite apps and tips with us.

When Thu Truong wants to capture her favorite moments, she pulls out her iPhone.

"I absolutely love it," she said.

Convenience is big plus for smart phone photographers

"The best part is having it in your pocket," Mark Edwards said.

But some say there does tend to be a quality issue with some shots being out-of-focus or grainy. And if kids are moving...

"If they are moving around, it's really blurry," Heather Kitts said.

So we ventured over to the Houston Center for Photography where Theresa Escobedo showed us how to snap smart phone photos like a pro.

First tip: Be sure the phone is charged and you have enough storage space.

"There is nothing worse than going to shoot a photo and your battery is dying, or going to shoot a photo and there is no storage left," Escobedo said.

Next: When taking a snapshot, use both your hands to give you stability.

"Most people actually shoot with one hand, so use two hands and use your thumb on the shutter," Escobedo said.

Tip three: Don't use the zoom; it will give you a lower-quality image.

"Instead, move your body closer to the subject," Escobedo said. "It helps you get a better-quality image and oftentimes a more interesting image."

Theresa says there are limitations to smart phone cameras.

"It's not for high-speed photography. It's more for still life," she said.

But you can improve the quality of your photos with the use of apps.

"There are apps that can help you separate focus and exposure, because lighting is key in photography," Escobedo said.

Escobedo's favorite app that helps separate focus and exposure is ProCamera for iPhone and costs $3.99. It has an anti-shake feature. For 99 cents, the Camera+ app is another good tool and features a grid to help eliminate those crooked pictures. Finally, Escobedo recommends Camera Awesome. That has a button that instantly improves your photo.

If you are interested in the iPhone photography class taught by Escobedo, visit the Houston Center for Photography website.

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