HPD releases list of top stolen vehicles in July 2011

Car thieves are always at work in Houston, targeting vehicles on their hit lists

August 11, 2011 12:58:45 PM PDT
Houston police have released its list of the top 10 stolen vehicles during the month of July.

Chevrolet trucks ranked number one, with 158 of them reported stolen last month.

Ford trucks came in second with 132 stolen.

Dodge cars ranked third with 91 vehicles stolen.

Below is the list of vehicles that made the Houston Police Department's list:

    1. Chevrolet trucks 158
    2. Ford trucks 132
    3. Dodge cars 91
    4. Honda trucks 86
    5. Chevrolet cars 51
    6. Ford cars and GMC trucks, tied at 37
    7. Toyota cars 36
    8. Cadillac cars 29
    9. Buick cars 26
    10. Acura Cars 23

Source: Houston Police Department

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