Senior Open sales bring in less than expected

August 1, 2011 3:42:33 PM PDT
The US Senior Open was expected to bring in millions of dollars. Organizers say it did bring in money, but not nearly as much as expected.The tournament may be long gone, but much of the merchandise is still here. Sales were so low on Senior Open souvenirs, that they were marked down, up to 75% off.

Officials numbers aren't in yet, but Head Golf Professional David Graf says souvenir sales were more than a quarter million dollars less than expected, and attendance was about 50 thousand less than expected, "we had a difficult week. Concession sales were down, that was influenced by the crowd."

Graf blames bad sales on top pros dropping out of the tournament, "that drives ticket sales, which drives concession, merchandise, coupled with the weather, tremendous heat and humidity and rain, it was a perfect storm."

A perfect storm, that's leaving a rainbow for bargain shoppers like Carol Korczyski, "I have a lot of grandkids. As you can see, so I'm out there buying things for them

Whatever doesn't sell in the Merchandise Pavilion will be taken to the Inverness Club Pro Shop. Inverness reopens on Thursday.

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