What's Going Around--general malaise, respiratory illness

May 3, 2011 6:41:44 PM PDT
Sick and tired from all this rainy weather? One area doctor says that's literally the case for some people. We checked in with the medical director of the emergency department at the University of Toledo Medical Center this morning. He had some interesting thoughts on how our gloomy weather is affecting people's health.

It seems like the rain just won't quit this spring. After the second rainiest April on record in our area, the weather still hasn't turned the corner.

Dr. Kris Brickman says, "We're running into a lot of respiratory stuff. People with colds, runny noses, those kinds of things."

Dr. Brickman says normally this time of year he sees people fighting spring allergies. Not this year. "We're still seeing that winter respiratory thing because people can't get outside like they normally can so, for the most part we're sort of seeing almost an extension of winter because of all the bad weather."

He says there's strep throat here and there, but not much. "We're seeing the end of that big strep throat/sore throat type season as we get into the beginning of spring here." Dr. Brickman says typically April is a big month for spring sports injuries, as baseball season ramps up.

Again, not this year. "We're really not seeing as many of the sports injuries that we normally would get in the spring, again, because the weather's been so bad people aren't able to get out there and do it."

Dr. Brickman says he guesses that in the next few weeks, as the weather clears, all these respiratory viruses will go away, and asthma and hay fever season will kick in.

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