Yearly $100,000 for life claimed in Ohio

July 9, 2010 7:45:36 AM PDT
Set for life is a Swanton resident. Michael W. Meyers won $100,000 a year for life scratching the Ohio Lottery's $100,000 A Year for Life instant game ticket.

With this ticket, there is a $3,000,000 guarantee and a top-prize winner has a choice of cash or the annuity payment. Meyers chose the annuity. After mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 31 percent, he will receive $69,000 yearly for life.

Meyers purchased the winning ticket from Circle K #5669. Located at 996 S. Main Street, in Bowling Green Circle K #5669 receives a $10,000 agent bonus for selling a top-prize winning ticket.

The Ohio Lottery is actively seeking winners of all prize levels to share their stories. Players with an interest in telling theirs can contact the Ohio Lottery at 216-774-5741.

Since 1974, the Ohio Lottery has raised more than $16 billion to support K-12 education across Ohio. The Lottery's fiscal year 2009 transfer to the Lottery Profits for Education Fund was $702.3 million.

For more information about the Ohio Lottery and its contribution to education, visit www.Ohiolottery.

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