Howling winds usher in cold front overnight

February 15, 2010 4:15:51 AM PST
We're in for another chilly day today and its going to be breezy out there as well. But those winds won't be as bad as they were last night. Overnight, the winds were really kicking up and causing havoc north of Houston. In an area around Porter in Montgomery County, we witnessed what Mother Nature can do. A tent in the Kroger parking lot at FM 1314 and Highway 59 had to be secured, however, the Porter Fire Department was called out last night when the high winds caught that tent and blew it into overhead power lines.

Amazingly, 55-gallon drums filled with water to secure the tent were also lifted and blown about. Firefighters removed the sides of the tent and opened the top to decrease the wind resistance. There were no reports of injuries.

The winds are expected to calm down, however it will be breezy today.