Homeowner allegedly shoots intruder

August 20, 2009 2:46:38 PM PDT
A home invasion in northwest Houston ended with a deadly shooting. It all happened at a home on Forest Pines Village at Forest Star.Investigators say a suspect was shot while breaking into a home. Around 1:45pm police received a call of a shooting. Detectives say the homeowner was asleep inside the house when he was awakened by a knock at the front door. When he went to answer it, police say that someone broke in through the back door.

Police say the homeowner had a weapon and fired as many as four rounds.

One neighbor told Eyewitness News the homeowner had been the victim of burglars several times in the recent past. Another neighbor said the suspect lives nearby.

"I'm not saying he deserved what he got, but this is what happens when you break into homes, cars, stores, commercial property," said neighbor Raymond King. "Anything that you do, this is what can happen to you."

The suspect fled from the home after being shot. He was found just about a block away in the neighborhood. One eyewitness reported seeing him sitting on a curb holding his wounds. Someone called 911 and he was taken to Ben Taub Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The homeowner is being questioned. The investigation continues.

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