It's Houston vs. The Nation

December 27, 2007 8:08:27 PM PST
If you want to see some of the best high school basketball teams in the area and the nation, head to Campbell Center this weekend. Hal Pastner started this tournament in 2001 and Carmelo Anthony, who played for Oak Hill Academy in Virginia, was the big name. The tournament matches some of the best from across the country against some of the best from Houston.

"I think it's a misnomer that there's better basketball played outside of Houston and the Texas area. So, mainly, it gives a chance to show that basketball is just as good in Houston as it is anywhere else," said Yates coach Greg Wise.

Friday afternoon at 3pm, Cypress Creek, ranked No. 1 in the area, will face Montverde Academy of Florida. Montverde is an international school with two players who stand 6 feet, 11 inches tall, and a 7-footer. These are the results of drawing talent from around the world, including a player from Russia.

"I've had international players before, and they have done a wonderful job at the collegiate level. And what that does is help me, you know, to get players to come over here because of the success that I've had with other players," Montverde coach Kevin Sutton said.

One of Sutton's big guys is 6-9 Steve Tchiengang, who played at Cy Creek before moving to Florida and is from Cameroon. But Sutton's best player is 6-foot point guard Dashan Harris, who is headed to Texas A&M.

"I enjoyed it on my visit. Me and my family loved it. The academics are great. The people there are great. You know, the fans, the whole package," Harris said.

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